Portfolio Toolkit


PMO Planning Process

PMO Planning Process

Planning resources, delivery and interdependencies

Process Overview

Portfolio planning helps govern:

The process for planning is simple:

  1. Create a draft plan
  2. Identify resources required
  3. Forecast costs
  4. Identify interdependencies between programmes and projects, adjusting plans accordingly
  5. Monitor delivery

Roles and Responsibilities

There are only a handful of roles from a planning perspective:

Resource Planner

The Resource Planner manages the pool of specialist resources and releases them to projects via the engagement process. Project Managers must ask the resource manager for the resources that are required to deliver the project, and once secured, update the project plan to reflect their availability.

The Resource Manager also approves timesheets, annual leave and other personnel related activities.


The planner is responsible for creating, updating and managing project, programme and portfolio plans. A Planner may be dedicated to a single programme or project, or may spread their time across many engagements. The Planner reports to the PMO Resource Manager.

SRO and Programme Manager Role Description

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